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The Book of Imaginary Beliefs

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Earth is blue, fragile, light, and not a star. And we’re part of it, not just living on it. Earth is a battle ground where all species constantly face an invisible war. And we’re the main actor of growth, destruction, and peace. Someone’s precious is someone else’s garbage. Someone’s interest is someone else’s boredom. Someone’s principle is someone else’s violation. Someone’s contentment is someone else’s pressure. Someone’s recipe for immunity is someone else’s cause of death.

Either you’re the “someone” or the “someone else”, it doesn’t matter because confusion will always bounce back to you, no matter how far you’ve been running away from it. It’s about facing an empty page each day, it’s about waking up in the morning deciding to be alive, it’s about choosing which mistakes to avoid, it’s about considering what and who to ignore, it’s about crafting a self that’s truly your own, it’s about faking a smile to cure the pains of others, it’s about continuously moving forward because going back is never a choice, it’s about looking at the blue sky and having small talks with it, it’s about everything that feels small and unworthy, it’s about becoming buoyant, never being trapped between other people’s cacophonic agendas, it’s about counting your breath.

the book of imaginary beliefs


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