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Sarong Inspiration

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Penulis : Will Meyrick
Penerbit : Dian Rakyat
Bahasa : ingris
Kode Buku : B9752
ISBN : 9786021885901
Jumlah Halaman : 248 Hal
Tahun Terbit : 2013

With his Scottish heritage, an Australian accent and an Indonesian home, Will Meyrick isn’t easily categorized. Often described as Western on the outside and Asian on the inside, Will Meyrick’s deft understanding of South East Cuisine is something that he is known for across the region and beyond. 

Now, for the very first time, Chef Will Meyrick is sharing his culinary secrets with the release of his debut cookbook, Sarong Inspirations. 

Offering a unique snapshot and glimpse into the Asian cuisine culture that Will Meyrick knows so well, Sarong Inspirations features over 100 recipes, including many from the kitchen of his award-winning restaurant Sarong. Some of the signature dishes that have made it such a foodie favourite make cameo appearances, including the meltingly succulent Penang Beef Cheek Curry, the taste explosion his sought-after Tuna Betel bites and the super juicy Crispy Salmon and Watermelon Salad. 

Will’s extensive knowledge of Asian cuisine is evident in Sarong Inspirations, and his easy familiarity with the region’s unique ingredients and flavours helps to both demystify the processes and simplify the recipes, making it easy to replicate restaurant quality dishes at home.

sarong inspiration


Kode : B9752
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Penerbit : Dian Rakyat
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